What Does ‘draw No Bet’ Mean In Football Betting?

You have to predict if the total number of points, during the group phase, by a selected team will be over or under the spread offered. You have to predict if the total number of goals that will be scored in a selected group will be over or under the spread offered. Predict whether the total number of shots on target made in a match by the selected player will be over or under the spread offered. Online bookmakers developed the Draw No Bet after long research of their punters’ habits! Many bookies realised that the extra safety of getting money back in the “near miss” of a draw would persuade a significant number of bettors to either place more bets, or increase their stakes.

The motivation and the character of the team and the general image on the field during the soccer match . Draw no bet is a perfect strategy, which you can follow to become successful in betting. As you already know what DNB betting is, how to use it, and where to use it, let’s see if it is worth it.

You pick out a series of home wins, away wins and/or draws then wait for the results to come in. I’m left with £100 minus £55.56 which equals £44.44 to back Watford in the draw no bet market. Once you enter both of these prices into our calculator, you see that the draw no bet odds are now 8.18. You can see from the difference in prices that draw no bet protection comes at a cost. As said, this was just one bookmaker though and it may be the case that some sites have markedly different odds.

If you have a treble bet in which a DNB wager ends in a draw, that selection is canceled, but the other two games in the accumulator are still active. When it comes to staking strategies, the best one for a DNB wager is the fixed betting strategy. This approach stipulates that you stake the same percentage of your bankroll on all bets. If your bankroll is $1000 and you are betting with a 5% strategy, you stake $50 per wager.

Well, if you understand how Draw No Bet works, you might discover your new betting strategy. Draw No Bet is available at almost every online bookmaker worldwide and is massively appreciated by a number of bettors who consider it the cornerstone of safe betting. Now that I’ve answered the question of what is draw no bet, it’s time to explain how this market works in practice.

We think one team has a better chance of winning due to form, their players, tactical advantages or for any number of other reasons. Backing draws in football is an overlooked market that offers plenty of value. We feature regular draw tips that you can add into a multibet, parlay or accumulator to increase the odds. We will make the pros and cons list, you will make the choice.

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