TEAM INEOS was announced that today (July 9) was not renewed with Chris Froome with Chris Froome and after 10 years, Froome was the last year of the team. Four times Tour de France champion Chris Froome is not yet clearly determined in which team will be on the new year when you spend the last season with Ineos.

Team Ineos Team Manager Sir Dave Brailsford reported that the decision was willing to be the only leader of the team on the official website of the team.

BRAILSFORD, “Chris’s current contract ends in December, but we decided to renew the contract right now. We are doing this announcement to end the speculations and are doing earlier than we plan to focus on the rest of the season as a team, “he continued by saying:

“Chris, from us from the beginning. He shared a great champion and many memories together, together in the years. However, I believe that this decision taken now is the correct decision for both Chris and the team. Considering the achievements in this sport, he wants to be the only leader in the team – which is not something that we can guarantee itself.

At this point as a team, we have to provide the other members of the team as well as their leadership opportunities. Currently, I am very excited about the skills we have as a team and our single focus is prepared for the next season. Each of us are looking forward to the competition as of next month! “

Team Ineos Confirms We Will Not Be Renewing @ ChrisFroome’s Contract – SO After 10 Great Years This Season Will Be Chris’s Last With The Team.

Following Brailsford’s statement, the 35-year-old British cyclist was responded from the Froome as follows: “We spent a ten years outstanding with the team and were able to have a lot of things together. These will always be precious to me. I will be looking forward to the exciting new challenges when my career passed to the final stage, but currently the only focus point is to win France Tour with the Ineos team! “

Following the explanation of Ineos to the France Tour, Froome could renew the agreement ending with the team and the negative discourse of Egan Bernal to help the team has created question marks in minds. While Thomas continued to maintain its silence on the subject, “I hope we can forget everything else when we started the competition” was commented.

On the air of the ISRAEL Start-Up Nation, the speculations of the British biker how to follow the road to the rest of the season on the rest of the season on the rest of the season. But finally, the description from Team Ineos has eliminated the question marks in the minds. It keeps the uncertainty if Froome will continue to the road after Ineos.

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