When the cutting is done, we do not notice it with the mobility. Movement, we continue to follow the movement in the correct moments in the correct moments and movement in the correct moments of the movement in the correct moments and movement in the correct points of the movement. Blackback-Open: One shot is slowly slow or the h> Zla is reverted to black. The shooting from the back of it is as well as the month. Delete: In the image, the existing shot is lost from the correct curtain to any aspect of the curtain. Occupies the curtain by entering a new image in the opposite direction. Chaining: An image is slow to slow mavaf when you are disappearing in the same way as a image is slowly navy slowly. K> SA The two images are seen on the curtain at the same time in the same way on each other. The cut is the most natural method used to switch from one to the other. The other passive effects are used to explain more time and venue passes. Narration, the ending or beginning of a certain dramatic situation, the location of the characters are easily explained by such effects. Thus, when there is a change of time or space, it is possible to move into the scene from shooting or on stage without disturbing the continuousness and stream.

Can we stop the time> creating the sense of time>? Can we change the time of time, can we provide the example to flow backwards? Can we get h> and let you slow? Of course it’s nay> r. But we could feel the time> Durmufl, slow or h> zla. This is psychological time. The psychological time, clock, calendar is different from the time to be measured by vehicles such as sunflit, west. The psychological time is at the time we felt, with the measures of our kiflisic state, with the dimensions of our kiflisic state. Therefore, if there is someone who is longing for example, it does not know time pass; When we play a meeting to an orientation, the time passes to the speed. These judgments are completely subjective. Psychological time is subjective time. Films such as the objective time of the time> feeling of the objective time, the films also provide us with time> objective time differentially. Cinema Arts> In all art branches, the only art that can play a new time sense and created a new time sense. Cruising tools such as motion, music, fiction

It feels differently as the period is time. When the shots and scenes are founded in the fiction, the blood movies are similar to our everyday life that is similar or very different from him. The movement in the film is sometimes very close to the life we ‚Äč‚Äčexperienced, sometimes more slowly or hilly than it. It affects the speed of the chief film of objects or camera movements in the image. The fiction completely reinserts. In many movies you see; A human goes out of the car, enters the apartment and the doorway on the top floor plays. Line> r, such scenes are generally compromised by floating: the character descends from the car. Cutting. Enters the apparatus of the apartment. Cutting. The stairs to the stairs. Cutting. Steal the bell of the apartment on the 5th floor.

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