What Is Draw No Bet?

Odds are higher at this market, but it is harder to predict the correct outcome as there is always a nine possible endings. A type of bet where one of the runners is given headstart advantage , so outcome of the bet depends whether the final result of the match covers handicap or no. See European Handicap and Asian Handicap for further details.

However, combinating the best odds from different bookmakers on the same event, overround becomes lower, and combination of odds providing the lowest overround is known as Best Odds Percentage. If there is a high discrepancy of odds from various bookmakers, overround may drop below 100%, in which case there is an arbitrage opportunity. Examining how the betting strategy would have performed in the past, in order to proof if it has been profitable, thus worth deploying with real money. Given that it’s the same bet, there is no reason to pick the lower odds. As we have mentioned before in this ultimate Asian handicap explained guide, a draw following the handicap being taken into account means the betting site will return your stake.

If you decide that the draw no bet wager is the one for you and you have the time and inclination to do this, you may be able to increase your overall returns by creating your own DNB punt. The pay-off for this reduced risk, with DNB essentially an insurance policy on the draw, is you’re your bet will be offered at reduced odds compared to the match odds market. Football betting is big business and one market that is really popular is “Draw no bet”, or DNB as it is sometimes known. This is a variation on the most commonly placed bet, which is the match odds market. The match odds option is a simple bet on a team to win a specific game; and with DNB you win in exactly the same way but you take on slightly less risk.

With double chance, you win money if the game ends without a winner. When betting with a traditional handicap, points or goals are subtracted from the favourite team. The handicap will in fact be subtracted from its final score.

Read our extensive guide to Teams Score First Half Bet here. Draw first half, home win 2nd half, this code you are predicting first half to end in a draw and the home team winning the second half of the game. For you win this bet, both result of the two halves must go your way.

But the fact that chances of losing your money are lower means that it is actually worth it. In the draw no bet market, a draw means your £10 is only lost if Newcastle win. Backing West Ham in this market does mean your odds shorten from 23/20 to 8/15 meaning the potential profit drops from £11.50 to £5.33 but the likelihood of losing entirely is greatly reduced.

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