In the case of a joint international perspective, there was a difference in the Latin America as a cinema background in Latin America, different to national economies, political and cultural traditions. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the first to establish the first-establishing the Film Film Industries, and now in the international plane, the Latin American films of Latin America come from this country cinemas. Although the previous powerful political refund is lost, Latin American cinemas, this time the fact that there is a new-realistic approach in the form of a new-realistic approach, and to deal with current social problems. they maintain. Latin cinemas in recent heads, central r in their eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos, Juan José Campanella, Argentina, 2009), such as many countries, such as the many countries, and the winners may also be understood from the rewards. The Latin American cinemas, which are in the case of starting today as well as the competition of Hollywood movies, are more marginals today.

It should not be evaluated, such as an African and cinema cinema can argue that almost single series of Africa can be associated with marginalia. The second century of the twentieth century is the second largest substance of the Earth of the Earth of the Billing Earth, with the burden of billions of dollars, almost half of the world in the world It is a place to be the most problematic region of the world to be a place to be held. While the average age period is almost all the other decades, it is increased in all other decades, it is correctly correct for Africans, to the world’s armed fractures in the world, almost half of or near the SM> Sahar-Alt> Africa is carried out in. In such an environment, the cineman is required, it is an inquirable issue. The cinema has came with colonialism in the African k> na 1920s. However, the first movies from African> cinemairs are started in the 1960s. Senegal Osman symbrase from pioneering cinemacies, nine long fictions and multi-number has attracted the film film. The first movies that are made from the African filmmans are reflected in the socio-political facts of many African countries. In Africa, the film structure has been carried out with many obstacles and remained and remained. Material and Raw Film Project, Educated technical element deficit and official censors are just a few of them. However, there is a capital problem at the beginning of the list. A press was related to the problem of trouble and display issues. African films have been inserted into the festival cinemas category because it is the distribution of this

FLANS are not available. Indian, Karate and Second FRANC> Z and Hollywood movies are always more profitable for salon owners in Africa. However, digital call, DOGME95 is able to obtain quality images and sounds, which can be achieved, and the post-production process, which can be achieved, and the post-Production process, which can be obtained from African> Cinemacies, and the post-production process can be achieved. Having the use of the use of it. It can be said that this development changes the appearance of African cinema and the appearance of content. In this context, an explosion is observed in the “video-film” industry in the “video-film” industry, such as Etyopia, especially in the middle of the 1990s, especially in Nigeria, Ghana and more. As also in Nollywood ‘, the new cinema industry in Nigeria produces 1000 video-films, each of the video movies is 10 thousand to 15 thousand dollars and are usually drawn in one month.

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