The prices that test the upper band of the channel and the prices have also created a minor rise trend. The trend and fibo’78.6 will support the $ 55.100 level in which corresponding to the correction slice. The appearance is in the direction of the rise and positively.

Etherumbu is priced in the horizontal view just above $ 1800 in the morning. Crypto Money Market Market value is increased by 3% since yesterday. But in the next few weeks in Etyhereum, the future optimism has led to the reaction of the miners and stated that they will organize hack attack on the system on April 1. In parallel with the decrease in the amount of ETH held in the exchanges, the change in the number of new address is increased by 9.5% in the last 24 hours. In the basisly supported ETHEREUM, the 3rd April news of the news can slow down the course of April 1, but we can see the direction of the price in March-April where there are improvements and updates.

When we considered the ETH / USD parity technically, the rise channel that started since $ 1290 has also created a minor trend in the channel at the same time as a view similar to the BTC. In the present, the transactions in the two fibo correction range are 1755 (61.8%) and $ 1880 (78.6%) in the band drives horizontally. However, the triple peak formation for the last 4 days will also take confirmation if it breaks down the $ 1750 and the $ 1650 levels will come to the forefront. Therefore, it is useful to be prudent at $ 1750.

In the case of the SEC and Ripple, the SEC President has created a positive perception for XRP investors. It was then reported that Ripple’s struggling names in the New York Court had been reported to be the officials before the leadership of the names. Gary Gens, one of the most powerful candidates for the Security of Sec, began to wait 14-10 to wait for the last approval of the Senate by winning the vote by the Banking Committee. If the Genses take the leadership, it will have the power to be able to retrieve the case on behalf of the SEC. The Gens, who are working on the block chain and known as a crypto lover, he described Ethhereum and XRP as a “securities” in 2018. We can’t know how degrees changes, but the court had previously agreed that ETH and BTC was not securities securities. And the common classification between ETHEREUM and XRP can create a similar scenario for XRP by deploying ETH under a separate title. Nevertheless, the insistent SEC dominations with a negative attitude towards Rippe continue their pressures on XRP.

The XRP / USD parity is not yet separated from the minor horizontal channel, which limits the limit with levels of $ 0.44-0.49, not yet separated from the horizontal channel, the current price level is close to $ 0.45. The Channel Middler at $ 0.46 is the powerful resistance position for the parity and the prices are under this level causing the current weak image to continue. In the case of sagging down 0.44, the image can accelerate the decreases by taking a negative presence. But as long as closures over $ 0.44 will first open $ 0.46 and then the front of $ 0.49.

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