In the fourth article of the commodity, during the use of the palace, the officers and servants who will work in the hotel and gasinos are also the Turkish, but the general manager has been permitted to be foreign.

After finally long interviews and negotiations, the Sultan Second Abdülhamid Han has been administered to the Star Palace and the Star Palace and the Gazino, entertainment and casino in August 8, 1926, was given to an Italian.

Star Palace began to attract the public response while being operated as Gazino and Casino, and some deputies in the face of this situation gave the TBMM question. On 27 November 1926, Sinop Mobusu Recep Zühdi Bey’s Ministry of Interior (SUAL TAKIRIR in SUAL TAKRIRİ) ‘was taken to remove the harmful influences on the public opinion of the star casino’ were asked. As far as it is understood from this installation, the Star Palace casino has only been miserable, not only the people of Istanbul, but the Anatolian trader is miserable in his pocket.

Zühdü sprinklers were as follows Bey’s memorandum: “Grand National Assembly of Turkey Prime Ministry to preside over the Galilee. Star Casino, Turkey has taken a terrible disaster and a vortex state for capital and economical situation of. The rumors and teens around this institutional-i format and the teesis are also mucib the government is immediately mobilized to extinguish this Muzın furnace. Without passing a year, a single-Sen January will not be left in Istanbul. Some of the preparations from Anatolia to Istanbul are also returning to a period of annual employment and returning the miserable miserable to their job. Binain Aleyh Avoğcud You are asking for the disclaimer of the disclaimer of the stubby, which he thinks against this institution that he thinks about this institution. 25 Discharges-i Sani 1926. Sinop Mekusi ReceB Zühdi “

With the rich customers brought from Europe, Istanbul Society in Gazino, Istanbul Society was making drink and gambling until the morning every night. Operating the Star Palace as Gazino and Casino, August 1926 has continued a year until September 1927, then the state has canceled the agreement on the Gazino gate on the Gazino gate.

During the cancellation of this Agreement, some bank owners and managers have been found in the casino. One of the shareholders that these notices are sent to the Hidiv Bank Manager in the Gün Bey. Şaban Bey went to Ankara so that the casino is not closed and attempted to persuade the government. But from Ankara to him negatively.

Italian Gazino and Casino operator Mario Serra’s intention to make the entire Star Palace a complex of Gazino, Casino, Dance Halls, Tennis Field, Golf Club and Riding Fields, and then to open the Ciragan Palace in the same way. However, the people’s response to the questions of the MPs in the TBMM and finally, the suicide of a Turkish officer in the Gazino gate, and the right of the Gazinone was taken from the company. The company first gave the state to the court, but lost the court. Thus, the star palace has been saved from continuing as casino and Gazino.

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